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Stephanotis floribunda - Madagascan Jasmine - 5 Fresh Seeds
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Stephanotis floribunda - Madagascan Jasmine - 5 Fresh Seeds


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Stephanotis floribunda - Madagascan Jasmine THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS. This is a climbing, twining vineoriginating in Madagascar. It's stems can be 2 - 8 metres long andhave opposite, oval, glossy green leaves. The true attraction of thismember of the Liana family is its flowers. These are borne in clustersfrom the leaf axils of between 2 and 15 waxy white flowers, which arevery heavily scented. It can flower, when mature, at almost any timeof year, although the most common months for flushes of flowers areduring the summer and early autumn. Once it starts to flower, plants should not be re-potted as it seemsthat the 'stress' from being cramped encourages the flowers to formmore readily. When grown from seed you can expect plants to flower in3 years or so and for far less than a plant bought in a shop or gardencentre.Full details of how to germinate the seeds and grow on can be found byfollowing the link provided on my 'About Me' page..

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