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Strelitzia reginae - Bird of Paradise Flower - Fresh Seeds
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Strelitzia reginae - Bird of Paradise Flower - Fresh Seeds


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Bird of Paradise Flower - Strelitzia reginae

This is a listing for a pack of 10 seeds of this instantly recognisable flowering plant.

A close relative of the banana, this showy tropical comes from South Africa where it lives in a close relationship with the Sunbirds of the region who are responsible for polinating the flowers.  The problem is that the Sunbirds have learnt faster than the Strelitzia has evolved and have found out that they can get at the nectar more easily if they punch a hole in the base of the bract in the process destroying the flower without pollinating it.  If all the Sunbirds learn to do this, then the Strelitzia becomes extinct.

Growing up to 1.5 metres tall, it is the baby of the group.  The flowers need little description, the pictures say it all.

In ideal conditions it is possible to get from seed to flower in as little as 3 years, although 4 - 5 is a more likely figure. Not at all hardy, so the plant will need to be kept as conservatory or houseplant in areas that are affected by frost. It will benefit from periods outside during the warmer months provided that it is kept shaded from the sun - which will scorch the leaves. Re-pot regularly whilst young, in order to promote rapid growth. Once they reach flowering size, they will reward re-potting with a dogged refusal to flower, so a pot bound specimen is more likely to succeed!

This is an ammended listing.  The pack quantity has been increased to 10 seeds (from 5 seeds). The growing instructions are now included in the listing as a test case.

Growing instructions:

Firstly remove the orange tuft of seed (you will notice that this end has a point – this is
relevant later).

Soak the seeds in warm water for 24-48 hrs as this has been shown to speed up
germination. Seeds that have not been soaked may take up to a year to germinate!

Sow the seeds in a 50:50 mix of sand and soil based potting compost, pushing the blunt end
into the mix, but leaving the pointed end just showing above the surface. Water the mix so it
is moist but not soaking wet. Seal the pot in a Ziploc bag or similar and place somewhere
warm (20-25 Deg C). Light is not important to trigger germination, so an airing cupboard is
as good a place as anywhere. If placed in a propagator make sure that there is some
shading over the pot as the emerging seedlings, like the adult plants, get scorched by direct

The seeds should start to germinate within a month or two and this process might go on for 3 or 4
months. When the seeds germinate (you may see a small white shoot or perhaps notice
that the seed has started to root), cover them with a little of the mix and move out into the

Grow on in bright, filtered light; feed regularly and pot on until the plant is as big as you
require. At this point the plant will still appreciate regular feeding and an annual top-dressing
of fresh compost in its pot. It should flower in its 5th year but this may take longer in a pot
grown specimen.

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Variety Strelitzia
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Tropicals

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