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Zantedeschia aethiopica - Calla Lily
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Zantedeschia aethiopica - Calla Lily


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Packet of 5 seeds.

A really stunning flowering plant, that originates from South Africa. This is seed of the type species, which to my mind is still the most visually stunning of all of the varieties, with it's pure white spathe. The flower is faintly scented and this attracts the pollinating insects.

This species is hardy enough for garden use and will survive in Zone 6 and above with little or no protection. With a mulching layer of straw, it may well survive in Zone 5. All new plantings will need some winter protection whilst they establish themselves. Fast growing, they need space to spread due to their fleshy roots. They require a moist position, but do not relish shade, in this respect they are suitable as a marginal plant for a pond or other water feature.

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