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Stunning Flame Lily - Gloriosa superba - Fresh Seeds

Stunning Flame Lily - Gloriosa superba - Fresh Seeds


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Gloriosa superba - The Flame Lily
Pack of 5 seeds.

This plant is one of the strangest members of the Lily family due to the fact that it is a climber. It has 'tendrils' at the end of it's leaves and when these encounter another branch or a surface that it can latch onto the tendrils attach themselves to this and so the Gloriosa climbs.

Not hardy, this plant is suitable for pot culture where it may grown up against a trellis in order to see it at its best. The stems, however, are annual and the plant dies back to a tuber in the autumn and may be lifted and stored somewhere free from frost. In this way many more areas may be suitable for growing this truly stunning plant.

This plant bears stunningly beautiful flowers, which resemble those of Asiatic lilies. There are many hybrids of this plant, with many different names. This is the true species and in this case the flowers are yellow/orange/red hence the common name 'Flame Lilies'.

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Variety Lilies
Type Seeds
Condition New
Sub-Type Bulbs, Corms & Rhizomes

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