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Strelitzia nicolai  - Stunning Natal Wild Banana

Strelitzia nicolai - Stunning Natal Wild Banana


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Packet of 5 seeds.

A larger relative of the Bird of Paradise Flower, these are habitat collected seeds from South Africa.

In ideal conditions it is possible to get from seed to flower in as little as 3 years, although 4 - 5 is a more likely figure. Hardier than it's smaller relative, it is still intolerant of severe frost, so in most areas the plant will need to be kept as conservatory plant or houseplant in areas that are affected by hard frost. It will benefit from periods outside during the warmer months provided that it is kept shaded from the sun - which will scorch the leaves. Re-pot regularly whilst young, in order to promote rapid growth. Once they reach flowering size, they will reward re-potting with a dogged refusal to flower, so a pot bound specimen is more likely to succeed! If grown in open ground, keep it away from structures as the root system is highly invasive

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