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Celtis laevigata - Sugarberry
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Celtis laevigata - Sugarberry


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Pack of 10 seeds of this easy to grow tree.

Also known as the Sugar Hackberry. A native of the south eastern USA, this is a fast growing tree. It is deciduous, the leaves turning golden orange in the fall. The small insignificant flowers are followed by berry like fruit that ripens through golden yellow to purple when fully ripe. The fruit, although small, is very sweet and particularly attractive to birds in the autumn, which will eat all they can find.

Eventually growing 80 feet tall with a spreading crown up to 50 feet across. Trees that are open grown will flower and fruit within 7 - 10 years. It is hardy to Zone 5 and tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions/types. It can be trained very quickly as a Bonsai tree.

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