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Sweet Pea 'Mammoth Mixed' - Lathyrus odoratus - 30 Seeds
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Sweet Pea 'Mammoth Mixed' - Lathyrus odoratus - 30 Seeds


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Sweet Pea - Mammoth Mix

This is a listing for 30 seeds of this tall, climbing sweet pea.

Growing to 180 cm tall or more, this is a traditional climbing sweet pea. It climbs by the means of tendrils which are produced from every leaf node. Fast to reach flowering size, even from late sowings this will quickly flower and if dead headed or cut, it will continue to flower all summer. It requires support, either in the form of sticks/bamboo or other woody plants. It is very effective grown up or through trellis'.

The flowers come in a wide range of colours and are very heavily scented. It will flower from June through to late September (and beyond in milder areas with later first frosts).

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

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