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Combretum collinum ssp gazense - Bicoloured Bushwillow

Combretum collinum ssp gazense - Bicoloured Bushwillow


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Packet of 5 very large winged seeds of this very fast growing ornamental tree.

This is a beautiful ornamental tree which occurs in Southern Africa (Namibia, Zimbabwe, extending south into the Eastern areas of South Africa). Capable of growing to 3 - 4 metres tall in as little as three years this is very fast growing tree. It has creamy yellow flowers which are sweetly scented, borne on spikes to 10 cm long in the Spring. It will eventually reach a height of up to 12 metres (although 8 -10 is more common), with a spread of 8 metres. This has flowers and fruit typical of the Bushwillow family and changes colour spectacularly in the autumn both in terms of its deciduous leaves and the winged fruit that change colour. Could be used as an indoor bonsai tree, if the fast growth can be curbed by training. Otherwise it is hardy to Zone 9, so would need winter protection in many areas (such as being grown in a pot in a cold greenhouse).

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