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Syngonium podopyhllum - Arrowhead Vine - 20 Fresh Seeds

Syngonium podopyhllum - Arrowhead Vine - 20 Fresh Seeds


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Syngonium podopyhllum - Arrowhead Vine - 20 Fresh Seeds

Syngonium podophyllum - Arrowhead Vine

This is a listing for pack of 20 seeds of this tropical climber commonly used as a houseplant

Originating in the Americas (central and southern), this plant will initially grow in a bushy manner, spreading via underground rhizomes. The leaves will be the characteristic arrow head shape during this phase of its life. If the plant meets a vertical surface such as a tree, then the plant will scramble up the tree, elongating its stems and the leaves will change character developing more lobes and getting large - leading to its other common name - Goosefoot Plant. The plant is evergreen and will flower, when mature, at any time of year. The flower is typical for that of an arum, it has a creamy green coloured spathe and a cream coloured spadix. Where pollinated, the plant will produce a spike of red berries.

Not at all cold hardy, they will suffer damage with temperatures as low as 10 Deg C. They can go outside in the summer when the temperatures are above 15 Deg C. Indoors grow in a bright location and if proivided with a vertical support, the plant will grow as a climber, otherwise it will remain a shrubby plant that will get bigger over time.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

Variety Syngonium
Type Seeds
Sub-Type House Plants

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