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Syringa vulgaris - French Lilac
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Syringa vulgaris - French Lilac


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Syringa vulgaris - French Lilac

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Syringa vulgaris (French or Common Lilac) is native to the Balkans and south eastern Europe, but has been widely introduced over much of the temperate world as garden ornamentals.  The seed for purchase here is the pure species, which is uncommon in gardens as it has been mostly replaced by some of the showier double flowered types.  However it is still considered to be hardier and more heavily scented than the recent introductions.

Growing as an open shrub up to 7 metres tall, it has heart shaped bright green leaves and clusters of heavily scented flowers in mid spring.  Fast growing and spreading by means of suckers, it responds well to pruning so it can be kept in check.

Due to its reaction to pruning it makes an ideal fast growing bonsai or container specimen.

Easy from seed, full instructions will be provided with every purchase.

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