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Adenium obesum - The Desert Rose
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Adenium obesum - The Desert Rose


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Pack of 10 fresh seeds.

The Desert Rose is a succulent plant with a range that stretches from Arabia, south and west to South Africa. It occurs in East Africa, but not in the western areas such as Congo, as it has not bridged the jungle areas (as it is a plant of arid/semi-arid areas.With age it can grow to be very large, plants of 2 metres are known. It has a huge base (hence the Latin name) and behaves like a bonsai from the outset with little or no encouragement from the grower. It is generally 'dry deciduous', losing leaves when water is withheld, this is normal and forms part of the plants natural resting cycle and improves blooming. The flowers are star-shaped, pink with a contrasting lighter 'eye'. The leaves are elliptical and dark green. The clear sap is poisonous (in other species it is used as an arrow poison), so care should be taken when pruning or taking cuttings.

The plant may flower in as little as 6 months from seed, when no more than 30 cm tall More realistically it will flower in its second summer and continue to do so for many years thereafter. It is not hardy, even though frosts can occur in some of its habitats. Winter lows above 45 Deg F suit it best, provided it is kept dry at the roots. It makes a stunning houseplant or a plant for a container in a sunny spot during summer. When not in leaf - it needs no light, so can be stored anywhere that has a steady temperature with no drops near freezing.

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