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Pachypodium saundersii - The Lundi Star
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Pachypodium saundersii - The Lundi Star


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Pack of 5 seeds of the strange and unusual african succulent plant.

Quite different to the tall growing Madagascan Palms (Pachypodium lamerei and P. geayii), this is a sprawling species found in South Africa.  Nevertheless, this habit lends itself perfectly to the production of almost alien bonsai shapes.  Flowering whilst still quite small unlike its giant cousins, it can be easily contained in a small pot.

Fast and easy from seed, a branching specimen can be produced in just a few years and well cared for it may flower in 5 or 6 years.  It is not grown for its flowers, despite the fact that these are scented and quite beauiful, moreover it is grown for its shape and form.

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