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Thuja plicata - Western Red Cedar
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Thuja plicata - Western Red Cedar


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Thuja plicata

This listing is for a pack of 10 seeds.The western red cedar is not actually a cedar (Cedrus), but belongs in the Cupressaceae family, along with cypresses. It is known by many names, Pacific red cedar, British Columbia cedar, canoe cedar, giant cedar, or just red cedar

The western red cedar is a large tree, ranging between 40 to 150 feet (12 to 45 meters) tall and up to 22 feet (7 meters) in trunk diameter. Trees growing in the open will exhibit a crown that reaches the ground, whereas trees densely spaced together will only exhibit a crown at the top, where light can reach the leaves. The foliage forms flat sprays with scale-like leaves in opposite pairs, with successive pairs at 90? to each other. The foliage sprays are green above, and green marked white with bands below. The cones are slender, 15?20 mm long and 4?5 mm broad, with 8-12 thin, overlapping scales

Easy from seed following the instructions provided, it can be used as a garden tree or, due to its natural slow growing nature, it can be used for bonsai or container use.

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