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Trichocereus mixed species
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Trichocereus mixed species


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25 seeds.

This is a mixture drawn from a large selection of species, varieties and forms of this spectacular flowering cactus. Ranging in size from small, almost globular cactus to large candelabra type species. The colour range is also wide, including white, yellow,orange and red - in fact every colour except blue (which is lacking in all cactus families). Reminiscent of the flowers of the Sea Urchin Cactus or Echinopsis (to which these are most closely related), the main difference is that these flowers open during the day (rather than at night) and are not as heavily scented.

Easy from seed and capable of very fast initial growth, many species will be over 30 cm tall within 3 years, flowering in their 5th to 7th year. These are also used by hybridists to create some very spectacular flowered hybrids between this group and the closely related Echinopsis. 

Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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