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Ptychosperma microcarpum - Tropical Cluster Palm

Ptychosperma microcarpum - Tropical Cluster Palm


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Pack of 8 Fresh Seeds

This is a native of Eastern Papua New Guinea although it is also found as cultivated specimens in Northern Queensland. Suitable for use as a houseplant when small, the palm will eventually top out at around 25 - 30 feet. Single stemmed (only occasionally clustering), a more dramatic effect can be achieved with the young plants by growing them in small groups

This is a fairly fast growing palm that, if fed and watered well, will quickly grow into a sizable specimen. Not at all tolerant of frost, even brief periods below freezing will likely be fatal.

It will quickly produce adult leaves, probably during its second year from seed.Very easy from seed by following the instructions provided with which I have successfully germinated 1000's of palm seeds.

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