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Ipomea albivenia - Unusual Succulent Wild Cotton -5 Fresh Seeds
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Ipomea albivenia - Unusual Succulent Wild Cotton -5 Fresh Seeds


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Ipomea albivenia - Unusual Succulent Wild Cotton

This listing is for a packet of 5 seeds of this unusual member of the Morning Glory family.

This is not related at all to the true cotton plant, although in leaf form and flower it bears a passing resemblance to this crop plant - this is perhaps where its common name originated as early settlers tended to call plants after those they already knew and were familiar with.

This is, in fact, a perennial morning glory that produces its stems from a tuberous root, that can get quite large with age. The leaves and the flowers are all typical of a morning glory inasmuch as the leaves are produced on thin deciduous stems and are heart shaped; the flowers are saucer-like, white, heavily scented and open in the night; fading and closing by mid afternoon. This makes an excellent and unusual indoor bonsai specimen with its thickened 'trunk' producing annual 'vines' each year.

This plant is not hardy, however, because the vines die down in the autumn, the plant may be stored in a cool frost free location, such as a cellar/basement during the colder months. Full instructions can be found here.

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