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Haworthia truncata - Unusual Window Leafed Succulent

Haworthia truncata - Unusual Window Leafed Succulent


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Pack of 5 seeds.

This is one of oddities of the succulent world. The leaves are arranged in a flat pattern and the tips appear to have been cut off (truncated). In fact if you look closely you will see that the leaf tips are transparent. They allow the plant to remain buried (and out of harms way) with only the leaf tips showing. These focus the sunlight down into the leaves onto the chlorophyll holding cells deep within the leaf. In this way the plant can produce food, whilst effectively remaining hidden from grazing animals. It is one of a small group of window-leafed succulents (spread over several families) that have developed this survival strategy.Slow growing, the resultant plants may or may not cluster. In all cases it is wisest to grow it with the leaves exposed unless it is being grown in very well drained mineral soil in areas subject to the same intense sun as is found in it's habitat. Feed rarely if at all (should get all it requires during the infrequent repots). This way the character of the plant will be preserved.

The plant may flower in 6 - 7 years from seed in it's natural state, but in the far better conditions it will find in cultivation, this is likely to happen much more quickly. The flowers appear from the base of the leaves close to the join with the stem (such that there is). Charming in every respect, this is a fascinating and worthwhile addition to any collection. 

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