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Ferocactus wislizeni - The Candy Barrel Cactus
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Ferocactus wislizeni - The Candy Barrel Cactus


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Pack of 25 seeds.

This is a slow growing member of the Barrel Cactus family, originally from the Southwestern deserts of the USA, but now fairly widespread as an ornamental specimen, where ever cactus are grown outdoors..

Not as fiercely spined as some of its relatives, it nonetheless possesses an arsenal of spines that will keep all but the most curious at bay. It produces showy orange flowers in the spring, followed by pineapple shaped edible fruits, that are widely used in the form of Cactus Candy. Growing as much as 2 metres tall in habitat, it is likely to grow to smaller dimensions in cultivation and may flower in as little as 5 - 7 years where grown well. 

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