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Very Easy Candy Barrel Cactus - Fresh Seed
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Very Easy Candy Barrel Cactus - Fresh Seed


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Very Easy Candy Barrel Cactus - Fresh Seed

Ferocactus histrix - The Electrode Cactus

This lisitng is for a pack of 25 seeds of this barrel cactus.

This is a barrel cactus from the 'hard' desert. It is superbly adapted to its conditions minimising water loss, whilst maximising the uptake of any water when available. Grown for its spines and shape as much as for its flowers, it will produce the latter every year once mature. The plant reaches flowering size at around 7 to 9 years of age and will produce yellow/orange flowers from the tops of the stem in early summer, these being followed by a juicy berry which can be eaten as 'cactus candy'.

The plant is very drought tolerant and also tolerant of light freezes provided the roots are dry. The seeds germinate readily and subsequent plants make good growth, only really slowing down after about 7 - 10 years (coinciding with flowering maturity). Full instructions for germinating the seeds can be found at this link.

Variety Ferocactus
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Cacti/ Succulents

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