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Very Rare Spiral Aloe - Aloe polyphylla - Fresh Seeds
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Very Rare Spiral Aloe - Aloe polyphylla - Fresh Seeds


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Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe

Pack of 5 fresh seeds

This is a very rare Aloe coming from the mountains and hills of Lesotho. Collected almost to the point of extinction, it is now heavily protected in habitat and it is illegal to collect plants or seeds from plants growing in its natural habitat. These seeds are from cultivated specimens growing in the Cape Town area of South Africa. Even so they are very expensive to produce, recently the price has gone 'through the roof' and there are never enough to satisfy the demand for this curious Aloe.

Why all the fuss then? It is the way in which this Aloe grows. Its leaves are arranged in spirals, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, this being unique amongst this large group of plants. This spiral arrangement of leaves shows itself after the plants reach 3 years of age. Even if the plant did not flower, the beauty of the spirals is undeniable.

Often finding itself covered in snow, in its Lesotho habitat, this is an extremely hardy Aloe and I know of several UK growers who keep their plants outside, where they reward this treatment with a beautiful show of flowers and the production of large rosettes. It will flower once large enough and may produce several spikes of orange/red flowers in the Spring and Summer.

Propagated from seed only (tissue culture is the only vegetative method around and this is expensive) this is your chance to grow a few of these fascinating plants. I have only a limited quantity of this seed and once it is gone I am uncertain of when I will able to get more. Act now or lose out on this rare opportunity.

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Variety Aloe
Item Subtype Aloe
Item Type polyphylla
Sub-Type Cacti/ Succulents
Type Seeds
Condition New

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