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Washingtonia filifera - California Fan Palm - 10 Seeds
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Washingtonia filifera - California Fan Palm - 10 Seeds


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Washingtonia filifera - California Fan Palm This listing is for a pack of 10 seeds. Washingtonia filifera palm grows to 18 metres (59 ft) in height(occasionally to 25 metres (82 ft)) in ideal moisture and microclimateconditions.The leaf fronds are up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long, made up of a petiole upto 2 metres (6.6 ft) long, bearing a fan of leaflets 1.5-2 metres(4.9-6.6 ft) long. They have long thread-like white fibers,filifera-fillaments, between the segments. When the fronds die theyremain attached and drop down to cloak the trunk in a wide skirt. Theshelter that the skirt creates provides a microhabitat for many smallbirds and invertebrates.Washingtonia filifera can live from 80 to 250 years or more. The genusname honors George Washington, the first President of the UnitedStates. The plant is popularly honored by its common name and habitatused in naming communities and landforms, such as Palm Springs,California.Washingtonia filifera is widely cultivated as an ornamental tree. Itis one of the hardiest of palms, is tolerant of considerable frost,and is rated as hardy to USDA hardiness zone 8. It will survivetemperatures of -10 C with minor damage, and established plants havesurvived, with severe damage to the foliage, brief periods oftemperatures as low as -12 C. It is a favorite of cold-hardy palmenthusiasts. The plants grow best in warm temperate climate with drysummers and wetter winters. Specimens outside of Mediterraneanclimates do not grow as large, rarely exceeding 15 m. It also makes an excellent houseplant as it grows quickly and istolerant of a wide range of conditions (except deep shade). It is alsoone of the easiest palms to germinate, often coming up inside a month(full instructions can be downloaded at any time - link on my About Mepage)Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page andclicking on my store link there.

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