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Watsonia zeyheri - Bugle Lily - Fresh Seeds
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Watsonia zeyheri - Bugle Lily - Fresh Seeds


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Watsonia zeyheri - Bugle Lily THIS LISTING IS FOR A PACK OF 5 SEEDS. Similar in form to gladiolus,but far less widely planted, Watsonia generally flower earlier in theyear so are an ideal counterpoint to gladiolus plantings. In thisgenus, the variety found in the various species in terms of flowercolour, flowering time and growth habit far outweighs those found incommercial hybrids.This species, Watsonia zeyheri, is a tall species, growing up to 1.5metres tall and has a long spike of salmon pink flowers, withcontrasting orange tubes. In the northern hemisphere it is likely toflower in late May through late June. It is a stunning species, idealfor use in mixed plantings or as backdrop. Where happy it will rapidlyspread, coming back better each year. Suitable for growth in Zones 7through 10.Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page andclicking on my store link there.

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