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Zambezi Flat Pod - Dalbergia martinii - 5 Fresh Seeds
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Zambezi Flat Pod - Dalbergia martinii - 5 Fresh Seeds


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Zambezi Flat Pod - Dalbergia martinii
This sale is for 5 fresh seeds of the Zambezi Flat Pod - Dalbergia martinii

This is a native of northern Zimbabwe on in the area surrounding the Zambezi river.  Usually found growing as a shrub, it can sometimes be found climbing through other larger trees by means of strong well formed tendrils.
The leaves are compound with 5-8 leaflets arranged alternately.  The flowers are small, pea-shaped and very sweetly scented.  These are followed by a flattened seed pod containing one or two flat seeds.

A close relative of the rosewoods and zebrawoods, it shares the characteristic densely grained wood.  An unusual plant and one I cannot normally get hold of.  I have limited supplies of the seeds and once it is gone, I do not know when I will be able to get any more.

Use as a container plant, a houseplant or as an indoor bonsai tree.  It can be grown outside permanently only in areas that get no frost.

Full instructions are included with every seed and plant purchase.  You may elect to have these sent by email if you wish.Important Note for all Seeds and PlantsAllseeds sold are fresh and are stored in conditions suitable to promotethe viability of that particular type of seed.  All plants areguaranteed to be free from disease when supplied. Germinatingseeds and growing plants are subject to many other factorsincluding the conditions under which they are raised (including but notlimited to: Light, moisture, soil, humidity) and the skill of theindividual grower.  As the vendor, such  factors are completelyoutside of my control and all seeds and plants are supplied on thisbasis.

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