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Zamia integrifolia - Coontie Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Zamia integrifolia - Coontie Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Zamia integrifolia - Coontie Palm

This sale is for 10 fresh seeds of the Coontie - Zamia integrifolia

Another very easy to grow Cycad with the added advantage of being fast growing too.

The only cycad native to the USA, this has a wide variety of names both common and Latin. Hardy down to Zone 8b, this is a low growing cycad that often has subterranean trunks which allow it to survive periods of frost.  The plant, like all cycads, has male and female plants and both are required for seed to be produced.

In cultivation this needs a rich potting soil, a bright location but away from direct sunlight which would scorch the leaves.  It is tolerant of a wide range of cultural conditions provided the note about direct sunlight is observed.  The plants will put out 2 or 3 leaves the first year and perhaps 10 - 15  thereafter - making it very fast for a cycad (normally you would expect only 2 or 3).

Germinating the seeds is really easy and once the root appears and you pot the seedling up, you should have the first leaf a few weeks later.

Ideal as a houseplant in temperate areas or as ground cover outside in areas where there is no frost.

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