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Zygocactus truncatus -Thanksgiving Cactus - 25 Seeds
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Zygocactus truncatus -Thanksgiving Cactus - 25 Seeds


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This is a listing for 25 seeds of this jungle cactus.

Also known as False Christmas Cactus or the Claw Cactus, this is an easy to grow jungle cactus from South America. Flowering is triggered by shortening days and it comes into bloom earlier than the true Christmas cactus, reliably flowering in late November without any intervention, hence it's common name. The common name of claw cactus refers to the shape of the joint stems which look like the flattened joints of a crabs claws.

Gorgeous when in flower, the flowers are cerise/pink and have a single vertical line of symmetry (Zygomorphic - hence Zygocactus). Can be grown on it's own roots or grafted on the top of a largish column cactus where it makes a spectacular cascading specimen .

Requiring more warmth and less direct sunlight than it's desert growing relatives, this is an easy to care for houseplant. The single most common reason for it to fail to flower or to flower late, is where it is kept in the living room and subjected to artificial light.

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